Commitment of the Management



Microprecision Electronics SA has been active in the design and manufacture of switches for over 60 years. We exist through our customers. Our market success is based on the respect of our commitments and the trust of our customers. We provide them with quality products and services, at controlled costs.


Microprecision Electronics SA places its customers at the center of its strategy and develops a quality policy based on:


  • The compliance of our products with applicable standards
  • Meeting customer deadlines, short delivery lead times
  • Cost control and optimization
  • Continuous improvement of performance
  • Production flexibility and responsiveness


We are committed to satisfy the requirements of our customers, listening to them and improving continuously their level of satisfaction.


All these points are measured with indicators, and objectives are set on a yearly basis as part of the implementation of our quality policy.

This policy must be understood, shared, and applied by all employees. Continuous improvement is everyone’s business.


The profitability requirement of our shareholder Crouzet, the pursuit of true partnerships with our suppliers, the maintenance and development of our skills, the importance of respecting individuals are at the heart of our concerns.


It is for these reasons that Microprecision Electronics SA is committed to a quality management approach in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. This choice is a strategic direction for the development and the sustainability of our company.


Every manager must deploy the quality management system for the processes under his responsibility, at all levels of the company.


The Management team commits:


  • To implement the means for the success of our approach.
  • Through our management meetings, assess on a regular basis the effectiveness of our quality management system, in pursuit of the goals and objectives that we have set ourselves.
  • To contribute to its continuous improvement.
  • To communicate the quality policy in a way that every employee participates fully in this approach, to ensure the sustainability of our company.