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Wilbrecht LEDCO LED Indicators lights meet the highest standards for quality and consistent uniformity including RoHS Compliant Components. LEDCO offers vertically integrated design, engineering,  manufacturing, and assembly capabilities. In addition to industry  standard assemblies, LEDCO can work with you from product  concept to production for special applications. LEDCO bar  products offer design flexibility without tooling charges. Virtually  any combination of colors and LED type can be assembled to your  specifications.

RoHS Compliant LED, incandescent, and neon indicator lights for PCB and panel mounting are readily available for new and retrofit applications.


  LED Series Descriptions


Panel mount led, Indicator light LED Snap in

LED Available for multiple panel  thicknesses. Our simplified one-piece construction and snap-in assembly  feature requires no mounting hardware.

LED Screw on LED Metal housing for front and rear mounting. Optional sealing against moisture and dust.
  News for Led Product  
Led 120VAC/240VAC Wilbrecht LEDCO, Inc. introduces bipolar LEDs in its range of panel mount LED’s in varied housing styles for front or rear panel mounting in response to international demand.
Led Night Vision Wilbrecht LEDCO, Inc. introduces new Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) compatible LEDs for its front mount CR/BR and rear mount CRM series panel LED indicators.
  Design Kit  
Panel mount led, Indicator light LED Design Kit WilbrechtLEDCO, inc has assembled more than 50 of the most popular and latest Panel Mount LEDs into a single Design Kit exclusively for engineers.